JConcepts 2021 Ford Bronco 4-door, 12.3 wheelbase

JConcepts 2021 Ford Bronco 4-door, 12.3 wheelbase

It was bound to happen, one of the most iconic vehicles made a return in 2021, the Ford Bronco. It seems that everyone has a Bronco story or personal experience with the legendary vehicle, but now, there will be more. The 6th generation vehicle underwent a tremendous re-design to accommodate modern customers who want to dip into the off-road scene in style and comfort. The design team used a digital scan of the 1976 version to be sure the final product lived up to heritage designs.

The JConcepts team started in 2020 with Ford licensing to build and model an official RC version which would certainly be a highly sought-after vehicle in the market. In the case of the Ford Bronco by JConcepts, the hands of time moved very slowly to form a product worthy of such a nameplate. The multi-piece mold delivers increased detail to the front and rear-end of the Bronco to give increased street and off-road appeal. The chiseled look of the body style in the 4 door variant sizes up well to the popular 12.3” wheelbase vehicles on the market.

The crew from the JConcepts Speed and Adventure Shop worked to finely detail the window treatments, hard top look, and hardened structure of the Bronco. The unique figure of the base structure is kindly shaped front to rear, the upper and lower sections tuck in slightly and with included body lines for doors and recessed windows has the item looking on-point. The rear “hatch” door is detailed with body lines, high visibility rear window and the taillights protrude to give additional definition.

The front-end makes the Bronco, and together with an advanced molding technique and pre-cut decal sheet, laying on the Bronco detail is as easy as peel and stick. The front bumper has a series of raised and lowered sections to give even more sculpture to the front-end. One of the largest traits to the design are the large fender flares which are set to accommodate large 1.9” competition style tires from JConcepts. The roof has extruded paneled sections to provide some structure to the roof while still allowing a multitude of available positions for body mounting.

The clear pre-trimmed body is completely factory cut with an incredible edge finish around the wheel wells, along with front and rear bumper areas. The item has overspray film already applied to the surface and will peel easily after the finalized paint and body mounting details are performed by the user. The included JConcepts decal sheet is extremely accurate, sporting the massive grille, lower vent and lights, rear taillights, door handles, along with Ford, Bronco, bucking horse, and multiple JConcepts logos. The pre-trimmed decals apply easily and quickly, and the included window mask has already been tailored to the exact shapes of the windows for an easy-to-use concept.

The JConcepts team builds, tests, and travels the world to support the brand and gather valuable driver feedback in search of the best appearing and performance items on the market. The product is designed in the U.S.A. and always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style, licensing, and authenticity. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic and licensed products – choose JConcepts.


Officially licensed by Ford to JConcepts

Clear, pre-trimmed body with protective film

Body measures 9” in width (fender to fender) 8.25” center section width, 12.3” wheelbase

Fits a variety of crawler truck platforms

Scale inspired body, cab, and window design

1:1 headlight and grille treatment

Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film

Window masks and detailed pre-trimmed 2021 Ford Bronco decal sheet

*Some vehicle brands and models will require user generated modifications to fit certain body shells such as the 2021 Ford Bronco by JConcepts. Vehicles that have inner fenders, extremely wide side-guards might require removal or modification to fit certain body shells.

Ford Oval and nameplates are registered trademarks owned and licensed by Ford Motor Company. Manufactured by JConcepts, Inc

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