Fiche RadioLink RC8X

High-end 8-channel radio control with 4.3 inch color touch screen. The latter can also be used as screen feedback during an FPV session. Steering control can be reversed for left-handed users.

Fast and precise touch screen

The 4.3 inch backlit screen offers a resolution of 800x400. There is no latency and the use is identical to that of current smartphones.

Rich in ports and interfaces

The RC8X is equipped with multiple ports: Memory expansion up to 64 Gb / Port for simulations (VRC for example) and FPV accessories / USB-C port for power supply or updates and an audio port (jack 3.5mm)

3ms quick response

Servo speed can be adjusted (14ms, 4ms and 3ms)

Menu customization

The theme and the color of the menu, the font, the voice information can be personalized according to your wishes and your desires.

The 8 channels are fully customizable, you can assign the function of your choice to the 8 available channels. It is the same for the switches (buttons) which can be affected as you wish.

A dual purpose screen

By default the screen is used to display the menus and parameters of the remote control.

When an external 5.8G receiver is connected, the screen is divided into 2 and displays the FPX screen return on the lower part.

Saveable patterns, groups and mixes

Up to 200 patterns can be saved – 16 pattern groups and 8 mix groups.

The mixes are very easy to program. It is for example possible to program a crawler or a scale with 4 steered wheels and the front/rear braking distribution in 1/5th

The "cruise control" function is available and programmable (switch and speed)

Finally, you can program a double parent/child ratio with different settings and in particular a lower speed in one case.

Built-in telemetry

This transmitter can display signal quality (RSSI), receive battery voltage as well as drive battery up to 8S.

Receiver with integrated gyro

The R8FG receiver which is supplied with the radio is equipped with an integrated gyro - useful in leisure but prohibited in competition. The sensitivity of the gyro can be adjusted directly from the transmitter.

Ergonomics for competition

It is possible to adjust the throttle trigger (length and tension). The latter also has a rubber pad to improve riding comfort. Two buttons have been placed at the level of the thumb of the left hand to facilitate adjustments while riding (dual rate for example). Finally this transmitter can be used with a strap.

It is possible to drive with one hand with the specific lever which is placed on the steering wheel.

Finally, the direction of the steering wheel can be reversed for left-handers.

Battery and reverse polarity protection

The transmitter can be powered by various batteries: 8 AA batteries or a 2 to 4S lipo battery equipped with a JST plug. The transmitter has reverse polarity protection.

A 2S battery of 1700 mAh allows an autonomy of 7 hours

A complete package – included

RC8X transmitter

32 GB micro SD card

R8FG Receiver

R4FGM micro receiver

A Radiolink strap

USB type-C cable

A lever for one-handed operation

Hex keys for trigger adjustment

Screen protector

Transport case

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