This FHSS 7-channel car or boat radio control is telemetry compatible and comes with a 6-channel receiver (R6FG). In terms of functionality, it is similar to the RC4GS model but with more lanes (7) - useful for crawling for example.

Built-in telemetry

This transmitter can display signal quality (RSSI), receiver battery voltage as well as drive battery (cable usage).

A new, faster microprocessor

This transmitter is equipped with a latest generation chip, 32 bits which allows a response of 12ms.

30 saveable patterns

It is possible to program up to 30 vehicles.

Cruise control function

By activating this function via a button, the vehicle can drive at a defined speed without pressing the trigger.

Programmable mixes

Channels 3, 4 and 5 can be mixed freely to meet specific needs such as dual motorization for example.

Receiver with integrated gyro

The R6FG receiver is equipped with an integrated gyro - useful in leisure but prohibited in competition. The sensitivity of the gyro can be adjusted directly from the transmitter.

Compatible with high voltage servos

The R6FG receiver can handle high voltage servos up to 10V.

Stopwatch function

The stopwatch function is integrated and allows you to know your lap times.

New ergonomics

It is possible to adjust the throttle trigger (length and tension). The latter also has a rubber pad to improve riding comfort. Two buttons have been placed at the level of the thumb of the left hand to facilitate adjustments while riding (dual rate for example). Finally this transmitter can be used with a strap.

Battery and reverse polarity protection

The transmitter can be powered by various batteries: 6 AA batteries or a 2 to 4S lipo battery equipped with a JST plug. The transmitter has reverse polarity protection.

Update by USB port + DSC port

It is possible and easy to update the firmware of the radio through a USB port.

Finally, the DSC port allows this transmitter to be used with simulation software such as VRC for example.

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