Very easy to use for a beginner and sophisticated enough for an expert!

DSSS and FHSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

DSSS* and FHSS* spread spectrum, 16-channel frequency hopping and QPSK* modulation ensure excellent interference-free performance, constant and stable transmission signal.

Possible range up to 4 km

The high gain (7 dBi*) of the transmitting antenna and the low signal noise with a bandwidth of 5.0 MHz guarantee a range of up to 4 km.

The R12DS receiver with its diversity antenna manages an SBUS and PWM output signal simultaneously. This signal allows perfect reception even in hilly flight sites.

This is the reason why the AT10II transmitter is used for professional drones in agricultural and industrial fields.

3ms response

The AT10 radio uses new high-speed processors that provide better stability and high accuracy.

All twelve channels respond simultaneously in less than 3 ms.

Adapts to all types of models

A remote control that is easy to learn for a beginner and sophisticated enough for an expert.

It is possible to use this transmitter for different types of models: rotary wing (helicopter), fixed wing (plane), glider, multicopter, car, boat and robot.

Several features are offered for each type of model. 5 specific flight programs are offered for each model.

Controls are fully customizable (8 switches, 3 potentiometers and 2 sliders) and can be assigned to your specific needs.

The layout of the controls is automatically adapted to the chosen flight mode.

Airplane configurations: Delta wing (elevons), classic wing (1-2 ailerons with 0-2 flaps), V-tail or classic

Helicopter configurations: H1, H2, H3, H4, HR3, HE3, HN3 and H4X rotor head

High quality components and electronic design that guarantee maximum precision

The all-new 4096 IC circuit minimizes parasitic servo micro-oscillations (jitter).

Optimal PCB design and high quality potentiometers provide high stability of the output signal. The maximum PWM is 1.84 us with an average of only 0.5 us which is essential to ensure high precision flights.

Integrated real-time telemetry

Model telemetry data is sent in real time to the AT10II screen.

The large 12.7 x 8.90 cm 16-color display makes it easy to read.

When paired with the PRM-01 telemetry module, the model's propulsion battery voltage is displayed. With the PRM-03 OSD information telemetry module and a flight controller (PIXHAWK, Mini Pix, TURBO PiX and APM) model voltage, airspeed, rate of climb, acceleration, GPS position (longitude and latitude), altitude, RSSI, flight mode and distance are also displayed.

SBUS, PPM and PWM compatibility

SBUS, PPM and PWM can operate simultaneously and transparently to the user.

The R12DS receiver that comes with the receiver works with SBUS and PWM signal.

AT10II is compatible with R6DSM, R6DS, R9DS and R12DSM receivers from RadioLink.

These compatible receivers cover a wide range of models and meet many applications.

Programmable mixes

Easy-to-understand graphical view for setting parameters.

Channels 5 to 12 can be freely programmed*

An airbrake function is pre-programmed as well as many other mixes such as (Aileron/Elevator, Flaps/ailerons….)

* The number of channels may vary depending on the type of model

Ready for the simulator

AT10II includes an interface compatible with the majority of aircraft simulators*.

In simulator mode, the transmitter module can be turned off to save battery power.

The simulator port (located on the back of the AT10II) can also be used for wireless trainer mode.

* Simulation software sold separately. Please refer to software specifications to check compatibility with RadioLink AT10II transmitter

Updates via USB port

Updating the AT10II with new firmware is easy. The transmitter can simply be connected to a computer via a USB cable.

Ergonomic design

The AT10II remote control was designed for experts and beginners.

Switches of different lengths allow easy recognition and use.

Long control sticks improve precision of movement.

It is possible to switch from mode 2 to mode 1 by a simple setting on the radio (refer to the user manual for more details).

For drone users, a spring for the throttle stick is included. It allows a return to neutral of this command.

The intuitive design and very comfortable handling make the AT10II an excellent transmitter for leisure, sport, competition or 3D flight.

A power circuit that offers more autonomy

The switch-mode power supply (SMPS) consumes 50% less energy than similar products. The consumption of the AT10II is only 105 mA maximum.

The transmitter can work for twelve hours with an 1800 mAh LiPo battery.

The universal JST connector allows the AT10II to easily adapt to different battery configurations: 8 AA batteries, LiPo battery (2S-4S), 18650 Lithium, Li-ion, NiMH or NiCad battery.

If you want to use a lithium battery to power AT10II, please make sure the battery has a JST connector and the dimension of this battery is 115 x 32 x 30.5mm. The operating voltage is between 7.4 and 15.0 V.

Reverse polarity protection

RadioLink's voltage protection technology helps protect the transmitter and receiver against reverse polarity when plugged in.

Multiple alarms

Audible alarms and configurable messages signal potential problems such as low RSSI, low model, receiver or transmitter voltage.


12 channels (from 5 to 12 customizable)

Save up to 15 templates

RSSI and Telemetry

Operating voltage from 7.4 to 15.0v, Consumption <105mA

Adjusting screen brightness and contrast

Multiple and configurable alarms

Setting Fail Safe in case of signal loss

Reversing the direction of the servos

Adjustment of the servo limit switches

Adjusting the servo rotation range

Servo test function for problem detection

Adjustment of the sticks (tension and length)

Double and triple rates (dual rates) and setting of the expo

Digital trims

Adjusting the sub-trims

Compatible receivers: R12DS (Std pack), R12DSM, R9DS, R6DS and R6DSM

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