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SkyRC B6 Lite DC LiPo 1-6s 13A 220W Charger

Tiny and Smart, that is it! Under this slogan the new B6 Lite is designed. Easy to read, high contr..


SkyRC B6DC Evo LiPo 1-6s 6A 60W Charger

The B6 Evo stands for simple operation with more secure charging than with conventional devices. Bat..


SkyRC e3 LiPo 2-3s 1,2A Charger

The SKYRC e3 Charger is an economic, high quality 100-240V AC balance charger, designed for charging..


SkyRC Engine Heater

The SKYRC engine heater uses technology similar to that used by Formula 1, Indy Car and NASCAR Teams..


SkyRC Infrared Thermometer ITP380

The compact SkyRC ITP380 infrared thermometer is used for the safe and contactless measurement of th..


SkyRC Q200 AC/DC LiPo 1-6s 10A 2x100W 2x50W Charger

The SKYRC Q200 is a quattro charger with four independent circuits which can charge four different k..


SkyRC S65 AC LiPo 2-4s 6A 65W Discharger 2A 10W

SkyRC S65 is a powerful charger with battery management, suitable for use with all common battery ty..


SkyRC T100 AC DUO LiPo 2-4s 5A 2x50W Charger

The SkyRC T100 is a universal AC charger that can be used with the most popular battery types, such ..


SkyRC T200 AC/DC DUO LiPo 1-6s 12A 100W Charger

The SkyRC T200 is a universal AC/DC multi-function charger/discharger that can be used with the most..